During Irene

What's one to do when the power is out for 28 hours?  Some crocheting of course!  I pulled out some left over crochet thread from the wedding projects, and this old crochet magazine I picked up at the library sale.  I almost traveled back in time as I crocheted by oil lamp...

While working on this doily pattern from the magazine, I was reminded how much more I love charts than written directions!!  I first had to learn how to read charts because of all the beautiful Japanese patterns I wanted to try.  It was a little difficult at first, but now I find the illustrated charts much easier and faster to work from!  Out of curiosity, what do you guys prefer?

I should also mention that this magazine is from 1985... so there are a lot of fairly ugly and cheesey things in it!  No offense 1985, I'm just not a fan.  But,  I'm glad I looked all the way through this magazine because it has some very pretty doily patterns.  Now I just have to block this baby out!

Today's lesson:  You may have to dig through a lot of cheese to find some gems!


  1. I get confused trying to read a chart so that must mean that I prefer written directions LOL

  2. Beautiful doily. You are a fast crocheter. :)

  3. Hi, I just found your blog, that's an amazing doily!

  4. Very, very pretty. You clever sausage!
    I prefer written instructions at the moment, which is funny as I'm usually a visual learner!

  5. I wish we lived closer so you could teach me your ways. I have always wanted to do this or knitting. I tried knitting and I wasn't too bad. I know. Come visit :)


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