Sunday Smiles


Don't you just love how empty boxes are irresistible to cats? It's like cats can't restrain themselves from getting inside an empty box, no matter how big or small. It really cracks me up. Pete practically dove into the tall box that you see in this picture, and then just sat in there for a few minutes until she made an impressively high leap out of it. Cats are weird.

Just like setting out a box and inevitably finding the cat in it, I like how putting a group of close friends together will undoubtedly result in fun and laughter. This was precisely how I spent my weekend, participating in a super fun bachelorette party. I must have added several years of health to my life from laughing and smiling so much. As in a Dave Matthews Band song, "turns out, not where, but who you're with that really matters."

Throughout the night of the party, we played a "most likely to game," where someone posed a question like "who would be most likely to lose their purse tonight?" or "who would you trust with a big secret?" and everyone would chose a name from their index cards of names of the girls there, and then votes were compared and tallied. It was a fun game, and makes me pose the question: if you were to be thrown into an empty box, who would you want in there with you?

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend my friends!


  1. I do love the way cats behave around boxes, it always makes me laugh! Young children love them too!
    I don't fancy being thrown into a box, but I wouln't mind playing hide and seek with that kitty!

  2. I like the sound of that game! Games are great!!! :-)

  3. cats are really amazing creatures!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx Ale

  4. Fun post! I love cats in boxes…too funny !


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