Good Cake


This post is mainly another excuse to brag about my sister's sewing skills! She whipped up this rectangular bottomed tote bag in no time. Gin made it (out of white canvas) for me so that I could paint on it and fill it with presents for my friend's birthday.


AND she sewed a little handy pocket on the inside!


For the painting (which was nothing compared to all of my sister's work on the bag), I mixed acrylic paint and fabric medium and painted over the lightly penciled words "good cake" (something we used to say years ago).

I love when Gin and I are able to collaborate on projects! My favorite thing about this bag was the fun I had filling it with funny presents that related to things we used to do and say over the many years of being friends. Now, "that's some good cake!"


  1. What a lovely, personal gift! I'm sure your friend will love it!!!
    Great that you and your sister were able to collaborate on a project too!


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