Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday friends! Are you guys list makers? When I go shopping I have to have a list with me, otherwise I'm bound to forget at least one thing I wanted to get. I also like making to-do lists, as they help make me feel more organized (even if the to-do lists are written all hibbly-bibbly in random places), and what really makes me smile is being able to cross off items from the to-do lists, making me feel super productive. The crossing off part is so satisfying. So in the spirit of list-making, here's a little list of some other things that are making me smile lately (in no particular order):

1. Tortilla Land corn tortillas. (Yes, I just gave a link to corn tortillas- they are that good. And there seems to be no limit to what I will put inside of one just so that I can eat one.)
2. AmazonSmile. (Shopping on Amazon with the awesome bonus that Amazon donates part of the purchase price to a charity of your choosing. If you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, it's a no-brainer! How cool is that?!)
3. White spray paint. (I'm really liking the white Krylon ColorMaster in the Flat finish. I want to spray everything.)
4. Emails from readers. (I've met so many really nice, supportive and encouraging people through this blog. With how many times I've said things like "thanks so much for sharing", "that made my day" or "that means so much to me," I hope that I don't start sounding insincere, because I really do truly mean it. Emails and blog comments are constantly uplifting me and reassuring me that sharing what I love to do is important and worthwhile.)
5. Clouds. (We've been having less than stellar weather lately, [of course the state of the weather is highly subjective], being pretty rainy and overcast, but there have been some great clouds [in the photo above you can see some cloud reflections in the lake] and colorful sunsets because of it. Would it be terribly cheesy and wholly predictable to say that every cloud has a silver lining?)

So what's making you smile?


  1. Love cloud reflections in the water!
    I too was wonderfully surprised at how many lovely folk I've met through blogging, some of whom have become lovely correspondents and friends from different countries!
    Yes, I do make lists - I love ticking things off when the things are done! When I go shopping I have a list too.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  2. Beautiful reflection shot Kate! I ALWAYS have to make lists, and I can never keep up.


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