Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday my friends!  I hope you are smiling today!  I am, because above is a picture of things that make me smile, within something else that makes me smile!  Let me explain.  I recently started the 100 Happy Days project.  Basically, you post a picture a day, to your preferred sharing platform (or you can keep it private), with something that made you happy that day.  I thought it would be a great exercise to make me take at least one photo a day, and how can constantly thinking about things that make you happy be bad?  (You can follow my progress on Instagram @signedwithanowl.)  So for day 5/100, I took that photo of some of the objects that have been making happy as of late...

I recently got that bright happy yellow bag, which is big enough to fit my Ona Camera Insert bag, so I can take my camera and a couple of lenses around with me.  And I absolutely just love that camera strap that my sister made me for Christmas!  (And the little zippy bag in the matching fabric!  She's so good!)

What else is up there?  Oh, the book The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers!  It was a lovely gift, has lovely illustrations, and is just a lovely story!  (Oliver Jeffers also illustrated the hilarious book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt!)  I also have my kindle up there because I've recently read a couple of inspiring and fun books that I bought specifically for my trip to CA.  (I'm a lover of physical books, but having several books within reach and weighing so little is so great for travel!) I read The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes and The Magic in Your Mind by U.S. Andersen.

Speaking of kindle books and Amazon... You know what else makes me smile?  Being able to watch videos with my Amazon Prime membership. Just the other night I watched Mythic Journeys, which is about mythology and the role that story plays in our lives.  It is part documentary, part stop motion, part animation, and all heart.  I enjoyed it, and loved that it touched on different things I had just read about in those kindle books I mentioned!  I Love when that happens! After watching it, I wanted to listen to more Deepak Chopra, and found a talk he did on health and wellbeing that you can watch for free here on Youtube.  I thought it was really interesting, and subsequently made me want to find some Tagore to read...  Good old Amazon has a couple of Tagore's books on kindle for free!  The amount of literature, knowledge and creative works that are just a click away, always makes me smile!

What's making you happy today?  Have you seen or read anything lately that made you smile?  Want to join in on 100 Happy Days?  If you did, that would make me smile!


  1. What lovely things that make you happy! I do love that sunshine coloured bag and that camera strap is very snazzy indeed!

    It seems you have lots of lovely ideas and happy things going in your life right now. It all sounds pretty wonderful if you ask me!!


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