Sunday Smiles

Photo credit- Ginny Britt

It always makes me smile when something works out just as I imagined! For my sister's birthday I sent her some air plants from Etsy, and made two air plant holders to go with them.  Because I ordered the air plants and sent them straight to her, I only had a rough idea about the size of the air plants, which made me a little nervous about whether or not the holders were going to work.  So I was so relieved and happy when Gin sent me this photo of the elephant air plant holder!  The air plant fits in the hole I cut, and it looks so cute!  (I'll have to write a post with more details about the elephant and the other holder I made too.)

You know what makes me smile even more?  Seeing, in the background of the photo, the cactus that I made her!  It makes me so happy to see something that I've made and given as a gift being used.  It's such a great feeling when something you've made for someone is liked well enough to be displayed in their home.  I also can't help but get that "hey, I made that!" feeling each time!  There's something about seeing something that started as an abstract idea in your head, in a physical setting you don't see everyday...  It just makes that abstract idea somehow more real.  Maybe I'm not explaining this very well!  It gives me a sense of pride, and more importantly I'm amazed and reminded that we all have this ability to create and bring to life anything we can imagine.

I'm reminded of the Pablo Picasso quote, "Everything you can imagine is real."  I really love this quote, and I think it speaks volumes... so much so that I don't even know where to begin in talking about all that I think it means!  Instead, I'll leave you to ponder what it may mean to you, and you can also check out this cute print I found on Etsy awhile ago that I may just have to purchase for my wall!


  1. That is very cool and so is that cactus and so much fun! I know what you mean about seeing your creations in use. I make a lot of baby blankets and each time I see a little bundle wrapped up in one I smile thinking that the love I put into that blanket is keeping them warm(along with the yarn hehe) x

  2. How lovely to make an air plant holder for your sister and see that fun cactus you made for her just behind it! There is so much joy in giving, isn't there?

  3. I never feel more complete or satisfied than when I finish a gift imagined and designed for a special person and occasion. Peggy

    1. Yes! I so agree!! I just love the entire creative process when designing for a specific person!
      Kate ;}

  4. Oh, those are so cute! What a great idea :-)

    I get an enormous sense of joy and pride when I visit family/friends who I have made things for (usually blankets lol)-I get to see them in use and being loved and it always makes me smile.


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