I have two things to share today.  One, my experiment with a new hexagon pattern, and two, I'm leaving today for a 10 day visit to California to see some of my favorite people!


What do you think of my hexagon pattern?  You can see I'm still quite enamored with black and white (and all the grays in between)...  I may have to play around and see how it looks with some color!  I ran out of the lightest gray, so my pattern testing ended leaving me a little hexagon about 24 inches at it's widest point.  I think it'll be a mini Pete-blanket to help reduce the amount of cat hair on my bed's duvet cover...


And I'm very excited about California!  I've been doing a little work ahead of time, so you should still be hearing from me in the coming week, and I hope to share some pictures of a pleasant change of scenery from the snow and cold!


  1. Pete is one spoilt cat with a hexagon blanket all to himself!
    Have a FANTASTIC time in California and come back renewed and feeling marvellous!
    Sandra x

  2. LOVE !!!!!!
    Have a nice time in California, xxxxxxx ale

  3. love how the black and white play in your hexagon :)
    have a great time in California!

  4. The hexi blanket looks very nice in the blacks and white. Have a great time on your trip to California. :)

    1. Thanks Debi!
      Hope you have a great week!
      Kate :}

  5. this blanket is inspiring! I've wanted to do a monochrome blanket for a while, but havent

  6. Pretty! Have a great trip to Cali!


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