"Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love." -Rumi

As I was picking a picture to share for today, I came across this one and thought, eh, maybe this is a little too abstract... maybe people won't like it...  Well, I then thought all of that was crazy.  I really like the composition of this picture and it makes me happy.  I shouldn't worry about what other people think!  (Don't take that the wrong way- you guys are awesome and I do care what you think... but you know what I mean!)

Have a great Tuesday my friends, and don't let anyone (especially yourself!) get in the way of your happiness!


  1. I can see why you like that photo so much! As it's blak & white, the tetures show up so well.

  2. Photography is always about making us happy! When we are happy, it shows in the photo!
    I like the textures in your B&W image!

  3. It is abstract, beautifully balanced and has great contrasts of textures. It also tells a story - at least I can see/hear a story here. The story of wood.

    1. I love how you can see all that, everything I see too!
      Hope you're having a great week!
      Kate :}


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