Today I'm sharing a photo I took about a month ago...  I didn't have time to take the camera out this weekend as I was busy having fun in my good friend's wedding! Now that it's over, this week I'll start sharing the gifts I made!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. this photo gives me the idea of silence…..shhhhh….
    xxxxxxxx Ale

  2. I like the clouds rising behind and above the trees on the hill.

  3. What an atmospheric photo!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding gift photos.....
    After a ridiculously busy week and a half (visits from BOTH sets of parents, a weekend trip to see my sister, nights out with friends, the Halloween party....), we spent this weekend doing NOTHING. Bliss!!!

  4. Reminds me of our summer paddling trips and seeing silent quiet people and silent quiet herons fishing.


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