Have you guys seen any My Neighbor Totoro?  I watched it this summer with my favorite boys, and one of them just had a birthday... so I made him his own Totoro!


I used the Blue Totoro Amigurumi pattern by Lucy Ravenscar on Ravelry, and just made him grey.  I don't know how I missed her other pattern for the grey Totoro haha!  But the pattern was very easy to follow, and I used worsted weight yarn and a G hook instead of the DK weight and E hook.


This was the first time that I've used the black safety eyes.  They're so great, and I think this Totoro definitely needed them!  I usually just use yarn for the eyes especially if the dolls are for really young children.


I also found this beautiful book which uses the screen shots from the movie and tells the whole story as well to go with Totoro, who is now happy to be in California!

I've seen a couple of the Hayao Miyazaki films and love them!  They are so creative, imaginative and just beautiful to watch.  There's so much attention to little details like facial expressions.  My favorite of his so far is still Howl's Moving Castle (which is also a fantastic book)!

Have you guys seen any of his films?  Which is your favorite?


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