First Foray into Jewelry Making


Remember the jewelry boxes from my previous post?  I know, so long ago...  Well, I made some necklaces to match them and made a few more for other Christmas presents.  Above you can see my sister's lovely neck modeling one of them!


Back in November when I was in NYC, I got some jewelry chain, jump rings and clasps at the Japanese store Toho Shoji, which has anything you could want for making jewelry!  There are tons of different chains on these big spools, and someone will cut off however much you want!  I ended up getting 5 ft of some silver chain and 5 ft of some gold chain.  I didn't really have much of a plan for what I needed when I went in, so I just winged it!


With some of the scrap mahogany, I cut out these v/arrow shapes, shellacked them, painted them with acrylic paints, sealed them with artist's varnish and epoxied 9 inch chains into each of the two drilled holes in the tops of each piece (making an 18 inch necklace)...  Epoxy STINKS!!  Seriously.  Smells like dog poop.  And it wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to epoxy the chain into those holes...  Luckily I had some other helping hands, and the second batch around went a little smoother with the help of a ridiculously complicated set up involving clamps, clothes pins, yarn wrapped around a light fixture, paint bottles...  I couldn't even begin to describe the madness.


For the necklaces that matched the jewelry boxes, I used the silver chain because those ladies usually wear silver over gold.  


With the amount of chain I bought, I was able to get three silver and three gold 18 inch necklaces.  I thought they made great Christmas presents!  Personally, I think I like the look of the gold chain with the mahogany better.  What do you think?


Despite the difficulties with the (super stinky) epoxy, I really like how they turned out!  I love the idea of using the wood and paint combo for a necklace.  I think I may try to design some different ones, and maybe work out the logistics to make it easier next time.  The original plan included jump rings through drilled holes... but then the jump rings were too small for the thickness of mahogany I used...  Oh well, live and learn!


  1. What wonderful necklaces! I love the one your sister is wearing because of the great colours! I'm glad you let some of the mahogany appear in the pattern. It's such a beautiful wood. The third picture down is also very lovely. I find that the orange goes so well with the wood and I love seeing the grain close up. Yes, the gold chain does go well, though I guess it also depends on the skin of the person who is to wear it.
    When are you starting a shop?! Those necklaces would be easy to post!

  2. I think you've learnt a lot !!! Anyway, I prefer the ones with the silver chain...I'm not a gold girl at all!! Sorry to disappoint you Kate!!!
    Happy weekend, xxx Ale

  3. Wow!!! There really is NO END to your talents!!! I think these are fantastic!!! And how cool to match your jewellery to yoir jewellery box!!! :-)
    Have a super (and crafty) weekend.....

  4. Once again great projects. Glad you were able to get through the stinky epoxie to finish them so beautifully.

  5. I love mine (it's the same one on your sister, right?)

  6. Amazing necklaces, Kate- I really love them!
    You are a clever gal!
    Have a super weekend.
    We're off to do some sledging... Brrrrrr!
    Sarah xx

  7. These are just beautiful. I love how they match the boxes. Such a wonderful gift. I'm usually a silver girl when it comes to jewelry, but I have to agree that the gold on these is stunning.

  8. the necklaces good .I think these are supra And this is cool to match your jewellery box .

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm anxious to make some more!
      Have a great day!
      Kate :}


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