Hirst Inspired Christmas Gifts


I made this Damien Hirst inspired painting for my friend who went with me to the Damien Hirst exhibit (which was amazing, beautiful, disconcerting, controversial... in short, I loved it!) at the Tate Modern back in May on our London trip.

After looking at a lot of his dot paintings, I thought "what is it that makes these so enjoyable to look at?"  I think it's the combination of various colors, and the consistency at which they are spaced.  If I'm correct, the space between the dots is the same length as the dots themselves.  After that determination, there was a lot of math involved in trying to figure out how many dots and where to place them on my canvas!  Once it was figured out that I would do twenty 2 inch dots, I grabbed twenty different colors of paint and set to work!


My sister and I then decided to get her a polka dotted duvet cover. After searching and searching for the perfect duvet cover, finding it sold out of the colorway we wanted, we decided to make one from a flat sheet in the same colorway.  (I say "we," but I really mean my sister, as she's the one with the sewing machine skills!)


Since these poorly lit pictures definitely don't do the real thing justice, you can see the Dot to Dot Percale Bedding (click on Multi Dot) from Garnet Hill.  We were lucky enough to get the King size sheet!


With the Garnet Hill flat sheet, a plain white king flat sheet, and one of our duvet covers as a pattern, my sister worked her magic!


How cute are these buttons?!  She used a combination of polka dotted, striped and solid orange buttons.


Hey, where'd the painting go?

Anyways, I think it all turned out really well!  And if you're in need of a little whimsy for your walls, grab a canvas and paint some dots in homage of Hirst!


  1. LOVE!!!!! I love polka dots :)

  2. What marvellous dots and a homemade duvet cover! How clever to have found orange buttons with white dots to add!
    One of my favourite dresses when I was a teenager was a white dress with blue polka dots!

  3. No, not getting the dots at all. Find them cold and very unappealing. And Damien Hurst? He wastes the talent he has, and he does have it.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Because of how varied the opinions about him are, I do find his art more interesting. To me, it starts to become less about him and more about what we ourselves define art as. The polka dots to me at first didn't really seem like what I would consider "art" but I couldn't deny that the dots seem "happy" to me, and that I personally just liked looking at them, and really, anything that is enjoyable and appealing to look at could in fact be considered "art!"

      Kate :}

  4. I love that canvas! Dots and spots are great!!! :-)
    Happy new year to you, Kate!!!

  5. Who knew art required so much math skills?!! I really like the dots. Like you said in your comment above they are just 'happy'. :)


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