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Hey, what's this?  A blog post on glue?  Seriously?  Seriously.  When you go to glue something and it doesn't glue... well, an un-sticky situation is no laughing matter!  So when I go to work on on a paper project (say card making), I always turn to Elmer's Craft Bond glue sticks for my adhering needs!  I've found that plain old regular glue sticks just don't work on certain types of paper, like magazine paper for example.  I've used Craft Bond with success on cardstock, brown craft paper, magazines, used book pages, old calendars, junk mail... 

And when I don't feel like getting my fingers all sticky, I turn to the adhesive squares.  I love using the double-sided adhesive squares for scrapbooking because they aren't messy (although the little square backs you peel off the adhesive squares can get blown all over creating a bit of a mess...), you usually only need one square in each of the photo's corners, and they are acid-free (which means they won't hurt or discolor your photos).

I've used other brands of the adhesive squares, and find them all to work great, but when it comes to glue sticks, I will faithfully stick by Elmer's Craft Bond!  Do you guys have a go-to glue?


  1. My favourite way of sticking things is with those double-sided adhesive squares (or circles) for sticking photos or doing crafting projects.
    I always find glue so messy and the sticks dry out so quickly!

  2. Thanks for the info. I have had problems with the glue not staying stuck so I will look for this glue stick on my next craft supply trip.


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