I almost forgot today was Tuesday!!  Not that this picture is any indication of how I've been feeling as of late... haha!!

Hope you're all doing well out there and hope your heads aren't spinning too badly due to holiday preparations!


  1. Incredible!!! like it!!
    have a good week Kate!!
    xxx Ale

  2. Good heavens, Kate! You are in a twirl! Or is that the family cat having a shake?! Keep your feet on the ground and don't try and do too much! Sometimes we just want to achieve too much and stress ourselves silly! I've finished my sixty snowflakes and two dozen mini stockings. Now I just have to finish a cushion cover and then I'm done! After Christmas I can do some crochet for my own interior!

  3. So cute! Meow! :)

    My head is spinning a little bit, but my goal is to finish my gifts by Monday. Gotta get them in the mail!! Epps!


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