A Little Cuckoo


So I've had this idea to make a faux cuckoo clock for awhile, and I got my chance when I heard my friend and her boyfriend were able to get their own apartment sans roommates, which is very exciting!  And nothing says "exciting" quite like a cuckoo clock right?  Right.


When I came to the glorious realization that I had a recipient for the sweet clock from my head, I asked my dad if he thought it was doable.  I handed him a pretty rough sketch of my idea, and his response was "let me go out to the shop and check our materials."  Before I knew it, he was back inside holding this house that was more elaborate and fancy than I had imagined.  An overhang over the front of the house and a detailed chimney?!  Ok!  I got right to priming and painting.


Next, the clock needed a little bird.  An owl was of course the obvious answer.  This little guy was cut from poplar, painted with acrylic paint, and sealed with artist's varnish. I painted both sides of him so he has an "am" and "pm" side.  Clever, no?  (And really, they can put whatever they want into the little shelf of the clock!)


I bought the clock mechanism at the craft store (in a pack of four, so I still have a few more to play with!).  While I was stamping the letters on the clock, my sister painted the clock hands.  I think the blue hands really make it!

This clock was really a joint effort.  You know what they say, "the family that crafts together stays together!"  Overall, I love how it came out.  Maybe some of the shadows in the shelf could be eliminated by removing the overhang, or picking a different color...  So there's always room for some tweaking!


  1. That clock is adorable. I bet it was fun having the family working on the projct with you.

  2. Love your clock Kate..... clever family :0)
    Best wishes for 2013
    Jacquie x

    1. Thank you so much Jacquie!
      Happy New Year to you!
      Kate :}

  3. Oh! I just love that clock with a little roof top and chimney to shelter snoozing blue owl! I like the way the clock hands and numbers echo Mr Owl's colouring! A great result for a 'crafty' family! Well done!

  4. hi kate, that clock is the cutest thing ever...i hope your friends love it for a long time to come...you and your dad are so clever! happy new year!!

  5. This is just so cute. I love that the owl has an awake and a sleepy side... of course, owls are awake at night and asleep during the day... He'll be on owl time ;)


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