I Came, I Saw, I Conquered, and I Grannied


I haven't posted since Wednesday, so you may be wondering if I lost the battle with my Snaggle Monster!  I'm happy to report, after a mighty struggle, I have come out on top!  To further clinch my victory I started to make some Granny Arrows blocks.  Take that Snaggle Monster!!


Although I have won the battle, the war is far from over...  Next up is sewing in those pesky ends.  However, I do have a little start on it! Just look at those beauties.  Grannies just make me happy!

Are you guys engaged in any crafting battles?


  1. I love your pile of new grannies and was pleased to hear that you came out victorious over the Snaggle Monster!
    Grannies make me hugely happy too and I've just finished two sides of a cushion cover as a Christmas gift!
    What is it about granny squares that make us connect to them so much?!

  2. They make me happy, too!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Love your granny arrows squares - they're very nice and colorful. :)

  4. Ha ha!! I think you won this battle! Want to battle my snaggle monster next?? ;)

    I'm 'battling' my giant doily right now. The gauge is a bit wonky with the thick yarn. Hoping to get it finished soon :)

  5. Oh i do love a pile of Grannies,, ! ;)


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