Happy Weekend!


Hey guys, before I leave for Brooklyn this weekend, I wanted to leave you with a quick sneak peek of my next project and mention a craft-along party that's happening this weekend over at genuine mudpie!  If you've been looking for an excuse to make or try something new or finish something you've already started, the craft-along party is it! Hopefully my sister and I will find some crafting time so we can party too!

Hope you have a wonderfully whimsical weekend!


  1. remember to bring the camera with you!!!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. I just checked out the details of the par-tay! It sounds like fun. I've been working on a crochet neckwarmer and hope I can finish it in time to share. :)

    Thanks for sending the invitation along!

  3. erica told me that she found out about the craft-along here! thank you so much for the mention, kate!


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