WIP and a few other things...


Just thought I'd give you a little peek at a project I'm working on...  I'll give you the details soon!  But before I go, I have just a couple of things to tell you:

I've recently joined the world in pinning wondrous things from around the web.  There's a Pinterest button on the right side of the page if you're interested in seeing what I pin...

I also need to apologize for having to make you prove that you aren't robots when you leave a comment on the blog...  I just got fed up with all of the spam comments I was getting!

Lastly, I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend!


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished piece. Yes, I have the Pinterest bug too...so much inspiration out there!

  2. How funny!!! I've just signed in to Pinterest, too!!! Tomorrow I'll start some pinning!!!
    Happy weekend, xxx Ale

  3. Your WIP looks very lovely, can't wait to see it all.
    I get lost on Pinterest. sigh...so little time. ;)

  4. Such a lovely doily. I love the square shape. I'm working on a doily right now too for a future project, but I kinda have a few kinks in it I need to work out.

    Welcome to Pinterest. I probably don't need to warn you how addicting that site can be...

  5. Oooh, I'll find you on Pinterest.....


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