Improv Scrapghan Block


I thought it was about time to make another block for my poor neglected scrapghan.  So I sat down with the intention of starting and finishing a block with no pattern, and came up with this block after about an hour and a half (alright, while watching some Netflix too).


It's a bit mandala inspired seeing as how I have had mandalas on the brain from the CAL and another project that I'm getting ready to share. (I've had some blog ideas rolling around for a couple of months, and it's about time I just try them.)  For this block, just like I'm finding with mandalas, it's the process that is more important than the finished product.  I don't mind how this block turned out, but it's not perfect and I don't mind; it was nice to start and finish something original.  I also hope to post something soon that's a little different (hopefully) than what you might be used to seeing around here...


  1. you know what? I would LOVE to have the pattern of this square!!!!
    ....maybe just studying one of the pics I could discover it by myself...or not? ;oD BEAUTIFUL!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. So nice to see you making scrapghans again! I like the touch of grey! I've got a crush on grey at the moment!

  3. It's come out great - I love this one!
    This new project sounds intriguing.....

  4. Great looking square - it's really nice. :)

  5. Looks great. I love the that the middle is not what I would expect, it's better!


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