Triangles Take 2 Scrapghan Block


After looking over some patterns in The Great Granny Crochet Book that were similar to the Edie Eckman Motif #122 pattern, I think I figured out how to change colors each round without having to cut the yarn each time.  But instead of doing the same pattern again, I decided to make a two colored diagonal block from a regular block...  I know, I have a tendency to complicate things.


I chose this pattern, "Beach Cover-Up" from The Great Granny Crochet Block, and combined methods from other blocks in this book with Edie Eckman's Motif #112 to use two colors on each round with minimal yarn cuts.


I think I was channeling Alessandra's scarf when it came time to choosing the colors for this square!

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  However, I don't like that there is a noticeable difference between the corner where the round starts (and ends) and the corner where the color change is... But perhaps I'm nitpicking...  Regardless, I think I have a better grasp on this technique!


  1. I was reading with fun and pleasure this post, when...GASP!!!....I saw the back link to my post!!! I started to blush and from giggling to chocking...!!!
    Thank you, my dear and lovely friend!!! I feel so overwhelmed when this kind of things happens!!
    Anyway, your block is beautiful and well done!! I think you've found the right solution!!!
    Have a good day, xxxx Ale

  2. It's great! And what a brilliant autumn colour combination!!! :-)

  3. could you do a tutorial type thingie, I think my daughter would love something made from these motifs (she is a funky teenager!)
    Susan x

    1. I can't make one from this particular pattern since it isn't mine.... but I've been thinking of coming up with a similar pattern, so I'll see what I can do!
      Kate :}


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