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With the craft fair over, it's back to wedding crafts!  I finished another jar this afternoon, bringing the count up to nine jars.

This is the jar I made this afternoon with the help of Annaboo's Solomon's Knot Tea Light Tutorial.  (You should check out her lovely blog Annaboo's House.)  This was my first ever attempt at Solomon's Knot, and I think I pretty much got it!  I'll admit that at first I thought I had a hot mess in my hands, but it didn't take long before "oh, sweet!"  It's a really fun stitch and to me it looks a little nautical.  (Knotical?)

This jar's basket weave look was accomplished by alternating front post and back post double crochets.  This may just be my favorite.  I love the texture.

A simple two double crochet, chain two pattern.

Scallop pattern from Sasha Kagan's Crochet Inspiration.

I also tried a chevron pattern, (from Crochet Inspiration too), which didn't really translate to the jar as well as I was hoping it would... but it still looks ok.

Now I just have to pick up the pace with the jars, and get the rest of the rocks done!  Game time.


  1. Aren't these fun. I love the Solomon's Knot. Will have to give that a try. It's been to hot to work on the blanket, so I've been doing small stuff.

  2. I just love your jars. The crochet really takes them from plain to pretty in no time. Congrats on the craft fair. I've done many in the past. It really is hard to price your work. Not everyone appreciates what goes into handmade. I stopped doing the shows because I hate being stressed or stuck with timelines. I just like to work at my own pace and crochet for the fun of it. You certainly had a lovely location so that made it all the better. Hope your day is good. Tammy

  3. Am so glad that the tutorial worked!
    These look so pretty- I like the way you've used the same colour- it really makes them look part of a group.
    Am definitely going to try the beautiful scallop pattern and the chevron one too.
    Thank you for mentioning my blog- you are a star.

  4. I like it! wonderful, I made one too last week


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