Color Inspiration

My great grandmother and grandmother made this quilt, and I just love the stripes of colors on the backing fabric.  I think the colors are so unexpected, but they go together so well!  So I decided to make a block set using those colors as inspiration.

Did you notice the awesome tray that the blocks were sitting in?  My super talented dad made it!  The original plan was to paint these trays black, but once I saw it, I liked the raw look of it.  This way you can also see what the blocks looked like before they were painted.  I've painted the other trays black and am in the process of sealing them, so I will be able to compare the two and see what I like better.  I may find that for certain sets I like the trays unpainted.

But I think the most important thing I've found is that you can find inspiration anywhere.  Even in your linen closet.


  1. Love that quilt, how lovely to have a family treasure like that and you are so clever to do the blocks in matching colours, they look sensational! I like the natural tray too :-)


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