Rug Endings


It's finished! I know I tend to take pictures of my feet, but in this case I only did to create a sense of scale. (Although I suppose that's not helpful, because for all you know I might have abnormally small or large feet... [I don't though, they are fairly average].) The rug ended up 40 inches in diameter.


The wool trimmings I cut from the selvages filled a plastic bag, and I only had a tiny bit of the selvage leftover (you might be able to see the mini ball by the crochet hook) once I finished the last row.

For those interested in how I actually crocheted it:

I started with ch 2 and worked in continuous rounds
Rnd 1- 7 sc in second ch from hook
Rnd 2- Working in back loops only for entire rug, 2 sc in each st around
Rnd 3- (sc 1, 2 sc) around
Rnd 4- (sc 2, 2 sc) around
Rnd 5- (sc 3, 2 sc) around
....  continued with this pattern, adding one more sc between (2 sc) in each round, up to (sc 11, 2 sc). I also tried to stagger the increases (2 sc), for a more round shape.

It crocheted up fairly quickly even though it was a bit of a workout for the arms! It was also a lot of fun using the massive 25mm hook!

Have you made any rugs?


  1. So beautiful! Love it. Looks so soft & cushy!

    1. Thank you! It is quite soft and cushy!!
      Kate :}

  2. Well you certainly got that rug finished in double quick time with the huge crochet hook. It looks so snug! Winter is coming!

  3. I love it! Where in the world do you get wool selvages??


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