Rug Beginnings


Hey everyone! Is your summer going as fast as mine? Before any more time slips away, I thought I'd show you a new project that I started. My mom was out west for a bit of the summer, and she brought me back some Pendleton Wool selvages so that I could make her a rug...


My first attempts at crocheting it didn't go so well. I should reword. It was impossible. The selvage was just too messy and thick. So, I had to give it a hair cut. You can see a before and after in the photo above. I think trimming the selvage took much longer than it will be to finish the crocheting!


I'm using a 25mm massive wooden hook. I love it. It is a bit of a work out, but I'm hoping the end result will make it worth it! I'll have an update soon!


  1. Well that's quite a challenge you've got yourself there, Kate! What a huge hook too! It will be interesting to see how this progresses!
    Happy selvedge trimming!!


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