From Bunny to Bear


Working from the bunny I just made, I've come up with some bear modifications. I did attempt to change the legs a bit as per some suggestions from the bunny, but nothing worked out right, so I kept the same body structure. I just made a little muzzle, some bear ears, and an itty bitty tail...


This time I worked in continuous rounds, so you can see where the stripes don't match up in the back. I'm trying to decide whether that is preferable to seeing a seam that wraps around the front from working in joined rounds. I also think I'm going to play around more with the placement of the decreases in the shirt, and perhaps come up with some different shirt designs.

And maybe a cat? Pig?

I think there could be lots of possibilities here... You could make different animals, maybe do different pant styles (shorts, or pantless!), maybe different shirts (different designs, or short sleeves)... Oh man, what about the pattern written in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book? Hmm...


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