Bunny Prototype


It's been awhile since I've checked in! How are you all? Here's one of my latest experiments... What do you think? 


(I think his tail may be my favorite part!) Besides little tweaks like working continuous rounds instead of joining rounds, do you think any of the shapes need reworking? Do you think the chubby legs look goofy, or are they the right amount of quirky to make him cute and different?

I'm wondering if I can keep the basic body shape, could I just change ears/tail/face to make different animals like a cat and a bear...

Regardless, it was fun and challenging to try to turn my sketch of a bunny into a doll as closely as I could. There was a lot of ripping and starting over, but it was a great mental exercise!


  1. He looks so nonchalant! You might need to adjust the length of the legs according to the animal - like something near to what they are in real life!

  2. The tail is my favourite part too, it's so cute. I think the legs could be even dumpier (is that a word?) if you wanted a really cute shape. He looks great, well done for creating him from your drawing! I can see him being different animals by changing ears etc, you could have a whole motley crew of animals.

  3. Bunny is ADORABLE! I might add a bit of pink to the inside of his ears. Really, he's very cute. Nice job!

    1. Thank you Ellen! I hadn't even thought about an inner ear design- I'll have to try it! Thanks!
      Kate :}


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