Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday! Did you all have a good week? Mine flew by, but I at least was able to squeeze in a great hike on Saturday. It's the same hike I've done several times, but I think I did it in record time. I must be getting in better shape!

I also learned something new. See the white plant above? I had never seen it before, and wondered if it was a kind of mushroom, as I saw lots of different mushrooms on the hike. After a quick search (google is pretty amazing isn't it?) of "white mushroom flower," I discovered that it wasn't a mushroom, but rather a sort of parasitic plant with an absence of chlorophyl. It's real name is Monotropa uniflora, but is more commonly known as "Indian pipe, " "ghost plant" or "corpse plant." It gets its nutrients from fungi and trees, and if you pick it (or when it gets old) it will turn black. I also read that when the flower parts bloom, the flowers point straight up, and will only stay opened for a week. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to catch it in bloom sometime!

Speaking of lucky to catch, I saw a beautiful deer almost at the very top of the hill I was hiking. It was really big and almost golden colored. (Any more description and it would sound like I was hallucinating or something.) I thought that if I had been a few minutes later getting up to that point I might not have spotted it at all!

Once I did get to the top I was rewarded with the discovery of some wild raspberry bushes. One was ripe for the picking, and it was delicious! With a little bit more time, there will be lots of yummy berries for the next time I feel like challenging myself again.

The whole hike was fantastic, and if a hike can take on a theme, it would be that of Timing. Perhaps I could even say that everything is happening with perfect timing, and with lots of exciting things to look forward to! I'll smile to that.


  1. What an unusual and totally colourless plant! I've never seen anything like it. "Ghost plant" is a good name for it!
    It sounds like you had a lovely hike and even saw a deer! You will feel like going back there again, if only for the ripe raspberries!

  2. Oh, wow, that is a neat plant! I've never seen one of those. Sounds like a great hike. And ripe raspberries as a treat! Timing really is everything.

  3. fantastic picture of a fascinating plant!


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