Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday my friends! Today I thought I'd brag about my sister's mad sewing skills. What you see above is the mini art quilt she made me for my birthday. For you quilters out there, she made it from a block in the really neat Patchwork City book. And don't you just love those fabrics she chose?! I sure do!


I hung the mini quilt, along with some prints she also gave me, with trouser hangers. I love this art hanging alternative! I used Command Strips on the back of the hangers to avoid using nails especially if I want to rearrange things in the future. I started this little gallery in the corner, and am looking forward to growing it from there!

If you're curious about the prints, the "Punch Today in the Face" print is from Nicola Rowlands' Etsy shop MsSpanner, and the adorable bear print with my favorite Picasso quote is from Emily McDowell's Etsy shop emilymcdowellstudio.

Have you hung any new artwork that makes you smile?


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