Sunday Smiles


I've been smiling today because I've been enjoying a little fire in my fireplace! While doing so I was able to listen to some podcasts (Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Ted Radio Hour, Mysterious Universe, The Accidental Creative and Invisibilia) and work on a couple of crochet projects (a blanket and a scarf, both of which I'll share soon).

There's something so meditative about a fire. Watching the flames and listening to the crackling is so relaxing. In fact, I think I hear it calling me to do a little reading and writing in front of it before bed...

Hope you had a lovely weekend my friends!


  1. You're very fortunate to be able to sit in front of a real log fire and enjoy those wonderful flickering flames. There's nothing more cosy and heart-warming!

  2. The same effect is given to me by just looking at the sea, while sitting on a beach….
    happy week Kate, xxxxx Ale

  3. Such a relaxing space! I love our fireplace too, although it's gas, so we don't get the crackling, but it sure is pretty all the same. Can't wait to see what you're working on!


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