(Blue) Golden Citrus Doily (and No Hammer Pants)


STOP! It's Doily Time! (Can you hear the M.C. Hammer music?) Just trying to make this post a little more exciting for the non-doily lovers (if you can believe there are such people) out there. I'm afraid I'm not wearing any Hammer pants (or am I?!), so this is probably where the excitement ends. But for those of you who are more doily-inclined, you may want to keep reading. (If you are not interested in doilies, I certainly won't stop you from continuing to read, but don't say I didn't warn you of a lack of interesting content.)


I made this doily for a Christmas present from the vintage pattern "Golden Citrus" which can be found in the Star Doily Book No. 145. (You can download a free pdf of this vintage doily book HERE - just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link for Doilies 145.pdf.) I used Aunt Lydia's size 10 crochet thread in the color "Dark Royal," with a size 1.65mm hook. The doily after it was blocked measured 21 inches in diameter.


The doily worked up fairly easily and before long I was amazed at the size it got! I just loved the color of the blue as well! But, it wasn't the only doily I made with this blue!

Like I said earlier, I made it as a Christmas gift, but I gave it along with ANOTHER doily... (This is me building suspense, making you want to come back to see what this intriguing second doily looked like. So stay tuned!)

(If you were among the non-doily lovers and made it this far, I applaud your sense of curiosity and your sense of humor. And bonus points if you are wearing Hammer pants.)


  1. This is simply gorgeous workmanship (woman's ship?!) Kate. The intricate design is so dainty and that deep yet vibrant blue is glorious! Just beautiful!


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