Pineapples For Deb


Happy Sunday my friends!  I haven't posted much crochet lately, but I do have a bit to start sharing, and I'll start with this runner that I made my mom for her birthday!


I've been crocheting more patterns with the classic "pineapple" design in it (I'll share them soon!), and I wanted to come up with my own pattern with it.  I used size 3 thread for this one, but I still want to experiment with the pattern in a smaller size 10 thread, (and I may end up changing a chain 3 to a chain 4 in the last round...).  Each square is about 6.5 inches, and was joined as I went.


I really like how this turned out!  My mom's favorite color is yellow, and she loves pineapples (the fruit)!  Speaking of pineapples, have you seen pineapples as a design element everywhere?  I saw THIS post on apartment therapy titled "Put a Pineapple on it," which cracked me up!  SF Girl by Bay also has some posts by the same name HERE and HERE.  For even more pineapple love, check out Oh Happy Day's Favorite Party Pins: Pineapples post (there's a pretty impressive origami pineapple there!).

What about you guys?  Are you into the pineapple trend?  I suppose I sort of am, as I'm liking the crochet design, but not so much the fruit design.  Although I did have some tasty fresh pineapple today!  Yum!!


  1. It's a very pretty design. Happy Birthday to your Mom. :)

    1. Thanks Debi! I'll pass on the "happy birthday!"
      Kate :}

  2. This looks like an amazing retro pattern. You have been so busy making this and your mum must have been thrilled!


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