These foggy shots were taken over the weekend in NYC through a window in MOMA.  Even in an art museum, you don't need to be looking at what someone says is "art" to find beautiful art!


So how do you see the fog in these pieces of art?  Do you find the fog beautiful, mysterious or scary?  Or all of the above?  How much of life do we really live in a fog?  How much do we really, truly, see clearly? What definitions and meanings can you make out through the fog? What things in your life are so clearly defined and unquestionably rock solid for you?  What shines through?

Have a fabulous Tuesday my friends!


  1. love these pics!!!!! Too many questions!!!!! Love them, too, but I need more time to answer!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Lots of questions around your fog!!! fog can be all the things you say: beautiful, mysterious and scary (if you're driving).
    I actually prefer mist to fog... it's a little lighter and brings in a certain gentle atmosphere.
    We have chosen a similar subject this week!

  3. Beautiful photos Kate! I LOVE the fog! I'm guessing it's because I'm from Las Vegas, and we never had fog, so now in Seattle I get to see it more. In fact, the weather report said we would have fog in the morning…I'm looking forward to it! :-)


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