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Here's just a little snippet of a project I'm working on at the moment. I'll show you the finished piece soon, but today I thought I'd share a thought, or rather a question, I had while working on this project.  Why are we drawn to certain aesthetics in art?

I am very much drawn to a more minimalistic and simplistic look.  Simple lines, simple shapes and simple colors.  When working on a project with these characteristics I often doubt its artistic value, if that makes sense. I might say "it's so simple; can it be considered impressive art?" or "will someone think a four year old could have made that?'"

Despite these reservations, I can't help but be drawn to that "simplistic" look.  Why is that?  Does our taste in art reflect our personality or does it satisfy some deep-seated need in our psyche?  I'm generally a pretty calm and laid back person who dislikes conflict.  Perhaps I find comfort in graphic shapes and lines because there is an uncomplicated order to it.

Have you ever been in an art museum and come across a piece of work that makes you think "why do I like this so much?"  It's like it touches something so deep in you that you can't quite place what it is.  Is there something about it that you can relate to?  Does it remind you of something that you can't quite remember?  Does it challenge you to think about something that's relative to your life at the moment?

Perhaps, to answer my own questions about the artistic value of the minimalistic art that I'm drawn to, if it invokes this much thought and reflection, what else could it be but great Art?!

What kinds of art inspire you?  Why do some people enjoy Pollock and others Picasso?


  1. Hi Kate, I'm also drawn to the simplistic and minimalistic look more and more in photography. In art, my tastes are broader to include many of the old masters too. What attracts me in all forms of art are the colours and the light. In photography, I have learned to appreciate and notice the profound impact of light, both in the composition and in how it affects and touches me.
    Less is often more, don't you think?

  2. I like simplicity, too. I also love a good story. It can be the story told by this particular piece of art, or a story behind it, or a story of it's author.
    I think this explains why simplicity attracts me. The story is more easy to see, hear, touch and enjoy if the form is simple.

    1. I completely agree!! Often times I feel like it's much harder to portray a lot with a little, so to me it is much more impressive and has a greater impact!!
      Thanks for sharing!!!
      Kate :}

  3. How art reflects our personalities is such an interesting thought. While you are drawn to geometric art with clean lines, I gravitate to the more 'messy' pieces. I love impressionist's overlapping paint strokes and modern art where the paint is kind of all over the place. Care to analyze my psyche??! :)

  4. Calm and laid back, disliking conflict....I think that is a family trait of ours. :)


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