Missed Moon

Yesterday early evening, as I was heading to the woodshop, I happened to look up and notice the moon perfectly framed within an opening in the clouds.  I tore inside for my camera, but within seconds the clouds had shifted and I had missed my moment...  But I took the picture anyways, of the missed moon.

Later, while trying to decide what I was going to post for today, I kept coming back to this photo.  I thought that it could be a good one to pair with a quote.

"I could have.  What does this phrase mean?  At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things that could have happened but didn't.  The magic moments go unrecognized, and then suddenly, the hand of destiny changes everything." - Paulo Coelho

I like to think that life is constantly conspiring to give us what we need and ultimately want.  Perhaps the next thing that doesn't happen for you will actually be an opening door, or a break in the clouds if you will...

Happy Tuesday my friends!


  1. That's something to think about. Hope you have a great day. :)

  2. I liked the Coelho quotation! This evening I lived a "could have" moment. I just was too tired to comply with someone's request. I regretted it a little, but had to listen to my heart - and then I found peace of mind. So I'm in acceptance of the moment as it is, not how it could have been!
    Love your photo. You missed the moon, but the clouds framed the blue sky to give you a heart!

  3. Sometimes it is just nice to witness those fleeting moments... even if we can't capture them. :)

  4. I love cloud and blue sky photos! :-)
    A great quotation too!
    Happy Tuesday!


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