Doily WIP

Fandango Doily WIP

Hey friends, I've been pretty busy and am excited to share a few things with you this week!  Above is a quick work-in-progress shot of a doily I just recently started with size 20 thread (first time ever trying something smaller than size 10!), a size 13 steel hook and THIS pattern. I'm loving it so far!  (I also feel like a giant using a hook so small that I can barely see the actual hook part on the end!)

I just spent a few days visiting my sister and brother in law in NYC, so I have a couple photos and something I made for them to share... and I can also show you some baby shower gifts I made for my cousin!  Busy, busy!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Another intricate design to get your, almost invisible, hook into! It looks as if this pattern could be from a vintage book and reminds me of doilies I used to see at my grandmother's. Your work is very dainty and intricate!

    These days I seem to be into giant hook crocheting, well a 6mm one anyway, and using double yarn threads! I felt clumsy at first, but love how fast the work grows!

  2. How delicate, Kate! Like fairy-crocheting! :-)

  3. Pretty doily. Seems like I have been doing nothing lately. You are great inspiration to get creating.

  4. Your doily looks pretty so far. :)

  5. It looks so intricate! Can't wait for more details from your visit with your sister. :)

  6. Oh wow Kate! This is lovely, and I can't wait to see the finished piece! It almost reminds me of tatting on the edges, which by the way I've tatted some before too, but still not very good at that either! Lol


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