Gin's B-day Gifts: The Wooden Fox


After my success with the plush fox, I wanted to make another fox... It was nothing some scrap maple, a bandsaw and some paint couldn't handle!  He looked pretty lonely by himself, so with the addition of two little trees, my sister has her own little pop-up forest!


For some idea of scale, I took a picture with a mug.  The fox is about 2.25'', the little tree 2.5'' and the taller tree 3.25''.  Each piece is about .5'' wide.


I gave the other side of the fox a sleepy face (like I did with the little owl for the cuckoo clock)!

I love how it turned out!  It reminds me of the little set of wooden animals and trees my sister and I loved to play with when we were little! The pieces were much smaller than this, but same idea!  Maybe I'll have to make some more... and make some other animals...

(From Etsy I bought my sister a really cute fox pin cushion from lifepieces.  {The fox was inspired by the fox in The Little Prince!}  The pin cushion was incredibly well made!!  If you need to get a gift for a friend who sews, I'd really recommend this seller!)


  1. Kate, I just adore your little fox (with a wide-awake face and a sleepy face)! The addition of the two trees is perfect and gives a whole little scene! I love the smooth look and the colour of the maple. The painted parts are just right!

    When are you going to make some of these things for your Etsy shop?!

  2. P.S.
    I love the owl mug in the background. The design looks crocheted!
    I bet if you could crochet mugs, you would! ;)

  3. you are really talented Kate!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. I love your woodwork! This is such a cutie - you should stock an Etsy shop with these! :)

  5. As you know, I love ALL of your makes! But, I have to say that this is my absolute favourite ever!!! It's so cute - and I love little sets of things that go together like that! :-)
    Your sister 's super-lucky to be getting all those amazing gifts, Kate!

  6. Once again totally blown away by your awesome wood-working skills, girl - the last three projects you posted too! Your blanket turned out beautifully, and the plush is adorable to boot. You are certainly one talented crafter, that's for sure!

    Just wanted to share with you a project I completed for a friend, by the way, using your awesome "Squaring the Big Circle" pattern!

    Made the afghan for my childhood friend for Christmas/Birthday! It turned out great :) It's an awesome pattern you've got there!

  7. I was just showing my husband your awesome pedestal tables. And, now I see this... Too cute! These would be so cute as brooches too!

    P.S. That Etsy shop with the pin cushions is darling. I've got my eye on the hedgehog one now. Might make learning to sew a bit more fun. ;)


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