2nd Mandala for the CAL


My second mandala is finished!!  I think it will go nicely in my sister's kitchen...


Making this one out of cotton (Loops & Threads Cotton Club), rather than acrylic, eliminated some of the bulk, and I think makes it suitable for using as a trivet or hot mat.


I just love these colors together!  Ok, I have to stop obsessing over this pattern and move on to other projects!


  1. Well done! You're such a fast worker. Good to have made it in cotton for a trivet, acrylic squashes flat when you put hot casseroles on it! Speaking from experience!

  2. Love the colours! I can't believe you have done a second one already!! Wish I could crochet that quick!

    1. Haha thank you!! Well, when I'm really excited about something....
      Kate :}

  3. i love the 3D effect of these mandalas. you are so talented!!


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