Slow your roll December!!!!

Um, how is it already December 18th!?  I wanted to take a quick break from my frantic wrapping to say hello, and I hope all of your holiday preparations are going well!  I'm off to continue wrapping and yes, to frantically craft as well.....

(Inspiration for the snowflake wrapping came from How About Orange)


  1. Fabulous idea. Great job. and love the color

  2. Love your package wrappings, so creative and festive! 100 followers congratulations!!!!!!!! Happy day to you, xoRobin❤

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE this idea for wrapping!!! I'm going to stick it up on Pinterest, ready for inspiration next Christmas!!! ;-)
    Congrats on getting your 100th follower!!!

  4. Love your creativity...sooo cute...I am a new follower of yours...can't wait to see


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