Interlocking Photo Display

Like giving photos as gifts?  Finding frames a little boring?  Scrapbooks: done it?  Try making this super fun interlocking photo display instead!!  Inspired by posts from Photojojo and Made By Joel, I made two sets to give two of my best friends (practically sisters) for their birthdays.

I made one circle set and one square set.  Although after playing with them, a set with both shapes, and perhaps other shapes would be equally as fun!

I strayed a little bit from the tutorial, and had my pictures printed at walmart instead of on cardstock with my own printer.  After cutting my photos I glued them onto the front and back of a piece of poster board that was also cut into the same shape as the photos.  Next I laminated them with contact paper, and then cut 3/4 inch slots into them.

Of course once I finished the sets, I needed something to put them in!  So I made boxes with 12 inch cardstock from this tutorial.

Then the boxes needed some jazzing up.  With this tutorial from The Frugal Crafter as inspiration, I made some impostor baker's twine with size 10 crochet thread, some pretty sharpies, and a piece of scrap poster board to wrap the thread around.

I think they turned out very well, and most importantly my friends liked them!

(On a different note, these winter days are not making my photos happy... I recently scrapped an entire blog post because the photos were embarrassingly bad.  When I find some time [that's funny] I need to make myself a light box or something!!  Has anyone made one for taking pictures?  Any advice?)


  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea! How clever!!! Your friends are going to love them - they're so personal and unusual!
    I'm having photo troubles too. It's dark when we leave for school in the morning and ark again when we get home! Let me know if the light box idea works.....

  2. Now, that my friend is one creative project. Great job and I know they will be loved and cherished for years.

  3. Hey, don't I know those guys from somewhere? :) Another great job, you are quite skilled my friend!


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