Wedding Embroidery Hoops

Inspired by the book Handmade Weddings, I embroidered these hoops to hang at the reception with the escort cards.

First off, let me just say how fabulous the book Handmade Weddings is!  Pure eye candy!  I love how they provide all the templates for their projects.  However, for this particular project, I decided to use what materials I had on hand and design the hoops myself, using their project as inspiration.

Using 7 and 10 inch embroidery hoops, I drew my designs directly onto my cotton and aida cloth with a pencil and started to stitch.  I thought it would be cute to embroider buntings since we plan on making some for decoration.  Filling in each flag with different designs and stitches was my favorite part and I love the different textures.  When I finished the yellow hoop I noticed that my "G" was a bit wonky and the cotton seemed to pucker in a few places.  Ginny liked it though, and thought it added to the whole handmade feel.  Overall I think they turned out pretty well!


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