Crocheted Rocks

Crocheted rocks?  Many people have been laughing at me, but I still think they are beautiful.  And who will still be laughing when the table place settings at the wedding reception are going to be amazing?!  Besides, my sister says that if anyone should be laughed at it should be her for asking me to make 100+ rocks...

After some crocheting this weekend by the lake in absolutely gorgeous weather, I now have 48 rocks.  I'm really hoping I can keep up the momentum, and worse case scenario they will be used as table decorations instead of being used on each individual place setting.

My favorite thing about this project is that I'm not using any patterns.  I think it's been great practice, and I hope I'm learning a lot about crochet construction in general.  However, I'm starting to worry that a lot of the rocks are starting to look alike, and in order to get them all done I may have to opt for the more simpler patterns that I know will work.  Despite being assured that all of the guests aren't going to be going around comparing rocks, I personally will be annoyed with myself if I don't keep trying to get a little more creative with the rocks as I continue working on them.


  1. Keep it up! I love my rock :)

  2. Beautiful!

    If you get sick of crocheting 100 +...a quick version is to find some crocheted doilie at the op shop, cover rocks and voila - instant transformation.

    You can see these here:

  3. UH-mazing! And I think they are beautiful too.


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