Bunny and Bear Take Two


I just love it when a plan comes together and my drawings come to life! I was commissioned to make these for a baby shower gift, and was excited for the excuse to build upon my last attempts at some amigurumi patterns. (Remember my last bunny and bear?) I think I might have nailed it this time, but I would love some feedback!

Bunny and Bear

This time I opted for slightly longer and narrower legs, rather than the shorter and stumpier legs (which I think were a cute idea that I just didn't execute as such). I also added some color to the inside of the bunny ears (which I believe was one of your suggestions!).

(The obligatory bum shot.)

One thing I've learned from pattern making is that it usually takes several versions to get to something I'm happy with. And even then, I'm perhaps not there yet!

What do you think? Do I have the proportions right?


  1. I love their back views! You've made them both so well. Well done, Kate!


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