Painted Onesies and My Love Affair with Freezer Paper


You guys. Do you know how awesome freezer paper is? I mean, do you know how incredibly magical freezer paper is? If not, you will now...


I painted these onesies for my friend's baby shower with stencils I made using Affinity Designer, my Silhouette Cameo and software, and the star of this post- FREEZER PAPER.

I cut out my stencils/designs (the elephant and giraffe started from hand drawn sketches), from freezer paper (shiny side down on the mat) with my Cameo. I then ironed, that's right, IRONED the freezer paper (shiny side down) onto the onesies. It's like magic folks. The paper fuses, safely, to the fabric. I then painted with a mixture of acrylic craft paint and fabric medium, let them dry, and peeled off the freezer paper. Voila! Perfectly painted lines are left behind. Just. Like. Magic.

I've used this freezer paper method a few times before starting back in September, but I didn't share any of those projects. Silly me. People NEED to know!! (Although if you spend any time on Pinterest I'm sure you've already known about this for ages!) You don't even need a fancy cutting machine - I've cut designs out of freezer paper with an x-acto knife too. It's just a little more time consuming.

Have you guys tried this? Any of you have any other magical freezer paper tips and tricks?


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