Sunday Smiles


Today I repotted my 12 baby succulents that I propagated from one of my plants. (You can see them way back here!) They all survived (knock on wood!) and almost all of them have dropped the leaves that they grew from. I got the tiny little terra cotta pots and the hexagon dish at Hobby Lobby, making a pretty cute and functional little set up! I'm hoping they'll be much happier in their own little homes.

I'm learning to find joy in small accomplishments like this, especially when I have several bigger projects that aren't completed yet. In my mad crafting dash to Christmas I was unable to finish a a gift and am still struggling to see the light at the end of the crochet tunnel. But I think continually plugging away at it, and finding time to finish other small projects at the same time will allow the positive creative juices to keep flowing! That's the plan at least!

What's been making you smile?


  1. Love all those baby succulents on your hexagon tray! It's always exciting doing little projects like this!

  2. Reading your blog right now and seeing the babies growing makes me smile 😀

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to showing their growth progress again!
      Kate :}


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