Ikea RAST Hack


Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share my new dresser with you! With help from my dad, I hacked two Ikea RAST dressers into this single dresser that I'm obsessed with. (There's tons of cool hacks from this simple [and cheap!] pine dresser. Just search "ikea rast hack" and be amazed.)


After assembling the two dressers, my dad screwed them together and added some pine on the bottom (so there was something to attach legs to), and attached a glued up pine top. I bought 6 inch tapered legs from ACE Hardware. I also go the matching mounting plates so the legs could be attached in that sweet flared position (which may be hard to see in the photos). 

I stained the dresser (minus the drawers) with a Minwax stain in "Special Walnut," and sealed it with a Minwax wipe-on poly in a satin finish. After priming the drawer fronts, (applying extra coats over the knots), I painted the fronts with some left over white Valspar latex porch & floor paint (in a satin finish) that I had. The dresser knobs and feet were also stained and finished with the wipe-on poly. I just love the contrast of the wood and white! (My mom also helped in these "finishing" stages! The family that crafts together...)

I'm not very well versed in the art of shelf vignettes, but I'm trying! Because I was so happy with how the dresser came out, I felt like it needed a worthy arrangement of items to adorn the top. I've tried to limit the colors of items to just a few, add varying heights, and group things in threes. It still may be a work in progress. (Bonus points if you spotted some familiar items from past posts... the duck, the goose and the felt wall art.)

So I just love my dresser! Have you hacked any Ikea pieces recently?


  1. It sounds as if you've really enjoyed working on your new chest of drawers (British name for this sort of furniture!) I like the two-tone colours as well! You are part of a family full of crafting talents!


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