Sunday Smiles


Hey everyone! I've been so busy this past month, (making me a little more absent from the blog than I'd like), but I was so glad that this weekend I was able to visit some friends for some fall fun! We went apple picking, made apple crisp, and carved pumpkins (mine is the one on the left)!


We also went on a pretty walk. You probably can't tell from the photo, but it was snowing a bit! Eek! Not quite ready for snow, but it was a great walk and still felt like fall to me! And most smile-worthy was some much needed time with friends!

Have you guys done any fall decorating or crafting?


  1. I love roads with fallen leaves on them. I can imagine how beautiful this one must have been!
    No autumn decorating or crafting - just the autumn colours wreath on my front door. I might try my hand at crocheting oak leaves though!

  2. no autumnal crafts here, too!!! Even though I'm working on a new blanket which stripes could remind of fall, maybe!
    xxxxx Ale


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