Crocheted Animals for Baby Shower


My sister and I recently threw a baby shower for one of our good friends, and I thought I'd share with you some of the crocheted animals I made as a gift because I just adored the patterns. If you're looking for some different crocheted animal patterns, maybe you'd like to try these!

The raccoon, fox and deer are from the Etsy shop Mongoreto. I got a combo pack of the three of them for a nice price break. The pattern is written in both Spanish and English. The English is rough in a couple of spots, but it's still very understandable. It did however take me some time to figure out how the rounds were joined. Each round is joined to the first sc of the round, then ch 1, and next round started in next sc, ending last sc of round in the sl st from the round before (or at least that's what I think, and it seemed to work!).


I wanted a beaver too, so I just adapted and improvised from the deer pattern, the nose from the raccoon, made the legs and arms shorter, made rounded ears, some teeth and a tail. Of course he needed as flannel-like a shirt as I could get, the only proper uniform for a lumberjack. His face just cracks me up, so I think he was a success.

I just loved the patterns because they are a nice small size and just so unique looking. You should definitely check out the rest of the animals in the Mongoreto shop. I need an excuse to make those adorable elephants!


And I absolutely love this bear from the Etsy shop Bru Diy. So adorable. It's a great pattern too, written in Spanish and English, and written in a really neat chart form. The finished bear is just ridiculously cute. That little tail!


I worked all the animals in Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton! Yarn, and a size E (3.5mm) hook. I'm really liking making amigurumis in cotton yarn. It makes for a nice smooth, yet still soft, finish.

Have you guys found any great patterns lately?


  1. What great crocheted toys, Kate! I love the slick looking fox in his turquoise sweater and the shifty look on the racoon's face! The bear from the Etsy shop is great too! You've been so productive!

  2. They are all great. The beaver is my favorite. I love them, and their cousins muskrats :)

  3. they are all amazing, Kate!!! I don't know which one I prefer most … maybe the fox …. or the racoon??????
    Great job!!!
    Happy week, xxxxx ale


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