Wednesday WIP


No, I haven't forgotten how to crochet! Here's a little peek of my next project!

What are you guys working on?


  1. So glad you haven't forgotten how to crochet! This red and white project reminds me of the Christmas time one I haven't finished joining yet!

  2. Oh, Kate, that is just beautiful! I love the contrast between the red and the white. My hooks were on vacation for awhile, too. I'm working on a couple of baby blankets for my soon-to-be-born nephew and my husband's co-worker's wife.

  3. Looking just divine Kate, love your crochet work, Sam xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Sam!! (Now I'm onto the dreaded sewing-in-ends part!)
      Have a fantastic week!
      Kate :}

  4. Es precioso . Me encanta el motivo y los colores. Son muy elegantes


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