Experimenting with Motif No. 5


Great crafty minds think alike right? I was getting ready to post a picture of this experimentation with my Abstract Flower Motif No. 5, when Wee little Owl mentioned in the comments that she wanted to make it into a throw! (Kind of like when I realized I was making my Geometric Baby Blanket at the same time as Ale was making her Hexagons Shabby Chic Blanket!)

Anyways, this motif is probably my favorite out of them all, so I thought I'd try to make a blanket out of it, using up a tote of scrap acrylic yarn (in fantastic colors!) that my Gram gave me. I'm using a size J (6mm) hook, and connecting the motifs by 3 picots on each side. I came up with a little connecting motif to put in between the circles. Here's my question: Does is look like this motif is translating into a blanket? I keep going back and forth with "yeah, it's working!" and "eh, maybe the shapes are getting too distorted." And then I realize I've been looking at it too long! So then I pick it up and feel it, and think "yeah, it's working!" and then think "eh, it feels funny." And then I realize I've been holding it too long. SOOOOO.... I need to step away and ask, do you think I should keep going with it? Thanks for your input!!


  1. Oh wow, so pretty! I love the colour choices and the joining method-I think you should DEFINITELY keep going :-D

  2. YEAH! IT"S WORKING!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Why wouldn't you keep going? Of course do it!
    I know what you mean, though. Once in a while I'm working on something and feel like "this is just wrong!". Before I frog or do anything drastic, I put it down, walk away and come back in a little bit. Sometimes our eyes/brains can play tricks on us - so we have to walk away for a bit before proceeding
    I was trying to figure out how you made those little filler motifs. They're clever -- and cute - and could just WORK - esp. I am thinking if I have motifs that are not all quite exactly the same....
    This is looking good - and colorful...by all means keep going!

    1. Haha thanks! Yes, the whole "put it down, walk away" thing is so important! It is especially so if you've been working on something and have lost track of time! Sometimes I don't realize how long I've been focused on something, and then don't realize how hungry I am! Crafting on an empty stomach is a no-no! Hahaha!!

      I will share how I did those filler motifs in a post at some point, but basically I crocheted 8 sc in a magic circle, sl st into first sc, ch 2, removed hook, inserted it through a free picot from one of the other motifs, picked loop back up, ch 2, sl st in same st as beginning ch 2, sl st into next sc, and repeat process except chaining 5 in place of the 2, and inserting hook behind the picot join...

      If that doesn't make any sense, just email me! signedwithanowl@gmail.com

      Happy crocheting!
      Kate :}


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