Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday everyone! You know what's been making me smile? New art supplies and techniques! My sister gave me a subscription to Creativebug, the online site that gives you access to great classes on video! I've loved Lisa Congdon's (I'm a big fan of her work!) Sketchbook Explorations class, and recently started Beginning Calligraphy with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. So this morning I thought I would combine some of those skills into a page for my sketchbook. I painted a watercolor background, and on top of that I layered a practice sheet of calligraphy on vellum, and a page from a thrift store book with some shapes cut out. It was a good exercise for me as I tend to think one dimensionally with my art as opposed to the possibilities of layering different elements.

I just love how working with new mediums gets the creative juices flowing! I'm pretty excited to continue experimenting with Koi brush pens, micron pens, watercolor paints, gouache paints and the g pen nib (which I've read is a favorite among manga artists, so there's more drawing potential with it!) that I'm using for the calligraphy course.

Are you guys playing with any new toys?


  1. It sounds as if you've been enjoying yourself with new artistic pursuits.
    No new toys for me, I am quite occupied enough and fulfilled with all the things I already have in my life!


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